What is the Best Way to Disinfect Household Items?

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit families and households very hard. Our limited knowledge in sterilizers, disinfectants, and other homecare strategies was revealed in an instant. Currently, though, most of us know how to properly wash and disinfect our hands while we are out of the comfort of our home. But what about when we have relaxed in our home. Do we know of the best and appropriate way to clean and disinfect the various surfaces?

Just because we are alone in the house, this is not an excuse to drop the ball. We have to be vigilant and apply the best practices throughout. Keep your house clean and safe by following these household hygiene tips and tricks.

Removal of any dirt


Before you get into the disinfecting of your house, it is recommended that you remove any dirt that is on the surfaces. This will make the disinfecting easier for you. You might be wondering which products to use for such an activity. We recommend you use bleach or hydrogen peroxide to remove grime from your surfaces.

Consider the surface

Not all surfaces in your house are the same. They should be treated and disinfected differently. We have the more durable and harder surfaces in your house such as metal or tile surfaces. For such, you can use any disinfectant in the house. The disinfectant will rarely react to the surface.

You will also find porous surfaces in your houses such as marble and wood. You might want to take out and read the manufacturer’s manual and recommendations. Your household items must survive your hygiene routines. Another surface that you should look out for is plastic. Due to the strength of the disinfectants, the chemicals can break up the plastic compound.

For surfaces that come in contact with food or drinks, it is recommended that you rinse them thoroughly with enough water. This is after the disinfectant had dried.


It is recommended that you wear gloves during the cleaning process. You might also have used other disposal tools in the process. You should not forget to throw them away. They can be harmful to both you and the family if ingested.

If you have any children who are below the age of 3 years, you have to even more careful in terms of disposal and handling of your gloves and other harmful trash. Even when you have disposed of them in the garbage bin, you might find them rummaging through.

Surfaces to disinfect regularly

You also need to know which surfaces to disinfect regularly. These include cellphones, keyboards, laptops, credit cards, floors, kitchen, bathroom surfaces, light switches, and doorknobs.