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Top Instagram Growth Hacks for Your Small Business

The Instagram app has many features and tools for helping small businesses to grow and build a solid brand value on their accounts. Businesses using the platform effectively see a definite increase in their customers, and an overall boost to their activities.… Read more

Instagram Call: What’s All the Hype About?

This is a very touchy topic on Instagram. The app has various features ranging from Stories Caption sticker to remix option to reels. These features offer a new buzz and excitement because of one thing – competition. Instagram is susceptible to competition and has to adapt to the technological games and features that YouTube and TikTok have to offer. Just like YouTube shorts, Instagram had to come up with Instagram highlights. A prediction made by seasoned professionals in the market is that Instagram will have to come up with downloadable content. Meaning that its audio does not get lost. Although the prediction may sound lame, you can appreciate what we want to communicate here. Instagram will always have to come up with new features to stay important and relevant in the game. That’s where the new features of Instagram Call come in. You need to experience the new calling sensation with your friends. The new features, options, and buttons of this peculiarity are as follows:… Read more