Reasons Maths is Good for Your Health

Mathematics is a subject that excites some people, and they get excited when people come up with problems that involve mathematical solutions. Sadly, others consider this kind of problem not less than a nightmare. Even thinking about mathematics makes them feel nauseous as they have not built up a friendly relationship with them. Did you know that mathematics has been proved to be good for health? Some may be extremely shocked to hear this, but this is the truth. Tutoring Perth is the solution to the problem.

Exercise for the brain

Are you aware that your brain also requires exercise to function properly? If we do not exercise our brain so in the future, it will lose the capacity to do the tasks it could do earlier. Hence, mental arithmetic is well known for giving the brain the punch of exercise that it needs. In addition, the concept of studying shapes, their structure, numbers, and patterns increase the observation skills, which proves to be a fantastic exercise for the brain. Tutoring Perth is also of the opinion that the brain needs to get its exercise the way our body requires food and water.


And a little humor. It may sound a little odd to hear that mathematics plays a vital role in medication, which keeps you fit and healthy. This is evident because doctors and healthcare workers have to prescribe some drugs bearing in mind the intensity and severity of the disease. For instance, if a person is diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes, the doctor will have to calculate what doze will relieve the patient’s suffering. This is how mathematics keeps you fit and healthy. If doctors did not know mathematics, so many patients would’ve suffered by now awfully. Take the example of pharmacists as well, whose jobs are dependent on the rules of mathematics.

If they mess up even a little bit in the calculations of the making of the medicines, the entire batch will go to waste as it will be hazardous for people to consume. Staying fit and healthy is everyone’s goal, and tutoring Perth strongly advocates it.

Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is a disease that almost everyone seeks refuge from. However, for those who do not know what happens with this disease, the patients suffer from extreme forgetfulness. Even the most straightforward thoughts and ideas are forgotten in a concise period. Scientists and researchers have determined that various cases are being reported of this disease because many people are not using their brains the way they should. Also, they are not exercising their brains, leading to their brain losing the capacity to function efficiently and effectively.

In conclusion, many people think that mathematics is limited to school only. However, they should now be convinced that mathematics plays a crucial role in maintaining their health. For example, it allows the brain to exercise and prevents Alzheimer and helps in calculating the right amount of drug. Mathematics is a subject that can do wonders.