Medical Bills after a Car Accident – Who Pays

The outcome of a car accident can be rather frustrating to deal with, especially if you are nursing some injuries at the local or regional hospital. As you stare at the white walls, you suddenly ask yourself: Who’s going to pay the medical bills? Is it the auto-insurance? Is my health insurance valid? Who was in the wrong? Was it me or him? Rather technical, right? An experienced personal injury lawyer from Jae Lee Law, one of the most reputable law firms in New York and New Jersey, is who you need for such a scenario.

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To further understand the legal implications and technicalities associated with car accidents, together with the issue of medical bills payment, continue reading for more details.

Auto Insurance

Car insurance is one of the major payers of medical bills for car accident victims. This however varies depending on the state and application of the “no fault” rule. Some states that apply the “no fault” rule declare that each driver must sort his or her own medical bills despite who is at fault for the car accident. For the states that don’t use the “no fault” rule, the payment of your medical bills will fall onto the other driver’s auto insurance, provided that there is substantial evidence that he was at fault.

Health insurance

As you are being tended to, you might think that your health insurance will cover the medical bills. However, this is not the case. The car is considered the ‘at fault’ entity here and the hospitals will bill the auto insurance company instead. This is because of the lower compensation typically issued by health insurance providers. The hospital seeks to recover the full cost of treating you.

If the money received by the hospital from the health insurance provider is not sufficient, they may seek to recover said deficit through a hospital lien. The lien is instituted to those who are unable to pay for their treatment due to one reason or another, which in this case is being underinsured. The hospital lien is attached to damages that you may receive from court litigation or any insurance claims that you may make.

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