The Proven Ways To Get More Followers On Twitter

Having more followers on Twitter who actively engage with your content means having an influential power. Brands, companies, and individuals are always looking for a means of growing more followers on Twitter.

People always try to figure out the best time to post on Twitter, when to join growth communities, or when to collaborate with other people on Twitter to see their growth. Below are some tips that can work for your Twitter account to ensure it grows.

Post relevant content

Be niche-oriented when tweeting. This way, it is possible to grow your number of followers as they will always find specific content from your page. If you post content about global warming, for example, post how it is affecting the planet earth, how people can stop global warming, and so on.

In case you are not niche-oriented, ensure you post relevant content relating to matters at the current time. This way, a lot of people will engage with your content, hence end up getting more followers.

Interact with followers

Show your followers their relevance. Interact with their tweets where you are tagged or tweets that promote your agenda. On the other hand, like their comments, comment back, and ensure you have a good interaction.

Following back your followers ensures they stay back for a long time. Allow your ratio to grow together with theirs.

Share your Twitter handle to link

If you are active on other platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, or Snapchat, share a link to your handle widely. You have an account that is doing so well. Encourage people to follow you on Twitter and promise to do the same for those who follow you.

Alternatively, encourage your friends to share your handle and make it known to other people. We will not promise you everyone who gets your link will follow you, but you will get a chance to boost your numbers.


Work with other people who share the same interest. In the process, you will share ideas on how to grow your accounts individually or together. People who follow people you collaborate with might follow you back and vice versa.

The method is effective not only on Twitter but other platforms as well. If you know of someone you can reach out to and collaborate with, go ahead and do so.

Twitter spaces

Nowadays, people can interact with others on Twitter via spaces. Here, people get to listen to someone who is permitted to speak by the host. It is a culture that is being adopted and is becoming popular.

At the end of each session, you can encourage your audience to follow you or follow each other.


Engage people in a challenge and award those who win. This way, you will encourage people to follow you so that they do not miss a chance to participate in the next challenge.

You can also pick a random follower and send some money to their accounts. To ensure this is free and fair, most people would like the chance to participate in it.