Iced Tea Benefits Everyone Should Know

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. From the savannahs of Africa to the deserts in Asia to the streets of the first world countries, you are bound to find a healthy and vibrant tea culture. More so in particular, the love for iced tea has grown over the years, making the beverage a must-have for any family household or restaurant. And what exactly is it about iced tea that has increased its reputation and clientele? Leading to a need to identify the best iced tea brand in the region if not the world?

Served chilled or at a slightly warm temperature, iced tea is filled to the brim with a number of health benefits.  Of course, we are working that you are not too heavy-handed when it comes to the sweetener. Below are some of the ways iced tea benefits your body:

The hydration factor

Maintaining good levels of hydration is something that most people find hard to do. Its significance is very critical with a deficit leading to negative effects on other core functions of the body. While drinking water might be a monotonous task, iced tea has many brands available offering you a different taste every day while also keeping you hydrated.

Healthy supply of antioxidants

Recent research by leading pharmaceutical companies in the world has emphasized the need for tee plant compounds. Antioxidants, whether natural or artificial, help the body to fight off unstable elements that damage your cells and molecules through a process called oxidation. While fruits and vegetables have a natural supply of antioxidants, iced tea has proven to be quite the generous source to its concentration of the compounds. Iced tea could possibly have triple or even quadruple the amount of oxidants found in natural sources.

A healthier sugar substitute

There is a minimum amount of sugar or glucose that your body needs in order to provide your body with enough energy. For those with a problem with sugar intake or might have early signs of diabetes, consider iced tea. Through regulation of the sugar or sweetener, you can be able to provide your body with a glucose substitute while managing your sugar levels and calorie intake.

Keeps your breath fresh and minty

There is nothing as embarrassing as being ready to offer your opinion to someone only for them to cringe away. It has an effect on one’s self-esteem. This is typically the case when you have been quiet for a long time in the office. Chilled lemon or mint iced tea can be the solution for that embarrassing situation. The spices in iced tea leave your breath fresh and minty while also killing any bacteria in your mouth that are usually the causative agents of bad breath.

Your route to weight loss

Are you on a weight loss regimen and in need to cut down some extra weight? Then how come you are not drinking some iced tea? The trick behind is that continuous drinking of iced tea makes you eat less food over the course of the day. And with fewer calories consumed, you have a few less to think about while on the treadmill.